The Yoga Brush

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You don’t have to be a yogi to master make-up moves.

Our brilliantly bendy Yoga Brush can achieve any position to give you precise application every time.

One side of this must-have tool fills while the other outlines to make you smile, not stress. In fact this 2-in-1 wonder makes make-up application so easy, you could do it standing on your head (well almost).🙃

Show us how you use your #THEYOGABRUSH

To achieve THELIPSILOVE™ bend the brush into a position that feels comfortable to you.

Use the curved end of the brush to load up the shade.

Blend onto the centre of your lips and work outwards until they’re both even.

Next, apply your colour onto the slanted end of the brush and use it to trace the shape of your lips to create an even outline. And💏!


Show us how you use your #THEYOGABRUSH

*Cruelty-free synthetic bristles. Because we 💓🐰. 

*Dual-purpose innovative brush to fill and contour.

*Fully flexible handle, ideal for both right and left handed make-up lovers.👻

*Can be folded to fit into your make-up bag.

*Ideal for on-the-go touch ups. 💅


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